Trade Workshops


Come and discover the reality of your future job

What better way to present the professions and the diversity of career paths available in the agri-food industry than with professionals and real-life testimonials, backed up by machine demonstrations. You'll find 5 specific workshops dedicated to careers in the food industry, each with a concrete demonstration.



It is in this service that raw materials are transformed to give life to the finished product!


In the food industry, it is hygiene above all: the Quality professions are responsible for enforcing strict manufacturing processes but also the safety of employees and the environment.


Inventing the future of the sector is a (big) job: the R&D department is focused on product innovation and new production techniques!


A working tool is maintained: it is in this service that the production machines are repaired. Precision and rigor are on the program!


A factory is organized: logistics designs and implements the strategy of movement of goods and products of the company.